Firearms Registration

ALL FIREARMS brought onto Ft Novosel must be registered with the Provost Marshalls office. Open carry and carrying concealed weapons on Fort Novosel are PROHIBITED. Firearms may be registered by visiting the link below and selecting the Ft Novosel Form 818.

The individual requesting to register the firearm will hand carry the form to the provost marshal’s office, located at Bldg. 5001, Lucky Star St., Fort Novosel, AL 36362 for firearms registration.

DO NOT BRING YOUR FIREARM INTO THE PROVOST MARSHALS OFFICE. All that you need to bring into the office is your completed Form 818 and official State or Government issued Identification.

As of this update, your firearms registrations is valid for five years form the date of issue. The completed and approved form must be in your possession when on Ft. Novosel.